How to track the click-through rate of your newsletters

One of the easiest ways to boost return traffic to your site is by sending regular email newsletters to subscribers with information on updates or promotions. When sending multiple newsletters however, you need efficient tools to monitor the response to each one. There is a simple way to manage newsletters, track click-through rates and analyze results.

  1. First, add a Mailing List to your website so that visitors can subscribe to your newsletter. You can also easily add a list of email addresses using the Mailing List management interface.
  2. Add a page which is not linked from the website navigation menu (from Admin Menu select New Page and uncheck the Add to Nav Menu checkbox). Don't link to this page from any other page on the site. This page will serve as a landing page for your newsletter where you can post information on the specific update or promotion.
  3. Prepare an email containing a link to the landing page and send it to all members of the Mailing List
  4. Using Site Statistics, you can monitor the click-through rate of your email newsletter. The hits on the newsletter landing page will show you how many people have followed the link from your email.