Create and Add a Simple Graphic Logo and Slogan
Logos and slogans are an effective way to communicate your brand's unique features, to create awareness and recognition for your organization. If you don't yet have a logo / slogan designed, you may use several free generators for simple text or graphic-element logos / slogans and then add them to your site using the steps below.


Add a Logo

1. In the Admin view of your site rollover the logo area and select the wrench icon to edit the logo.


2. Browse for the location of the logo file and click Update.



Add a Slogan


You may add a slogan inside the top area of your site, just next to the logo. Simply reach for the Admin Menu and choose Add Content > Text and Images. Select as location for your slogan the green rectangle to the right of the logo area. Type your slogan as text or insert it as an image.



Create a Logo and Slogan


If you don't have a logo designed, you may either go for custom design services, or use a number of free tools for creating simple text or graphic-element logos. Follow the steps for creating a logo to create a graphic slogan as well.