Integrate a click to call button in your site

If you feel like you don’t get enough phone calls from your site or you want to be able to tell who's calling from your site, there is a way to improve this. A new technology called 'Click-to-Call' allows your visitors to quickly reach you by phone by just clicking on a “Click To Call” icon and entering their phone number. No special equipment is required for either you or your site visitor. You can learn more about this in the brief video below:


You can have Click-to-Call feature up and running on your site in just a few minutes. Here is how:

1. Sign up for a 'Click-to-Call' account below. No credit card is required. This service is provided by Ifbyphone and is currently available only for calls originating in the USA or Canada. This account is free for 6 months and includes 100 minutes per month of calls generated from the Click-to-Call  button on your web site.

The 100 free minutes per month is often ample to evaluate the service. If you choose to include your credit card in the form below, only minutes above 100 per month will be billed ($0.10/minute). Otherwise the Click-to-Call won't function after it reaches the 100 minutes per month limit. After the 6-month promotional period you will be asked to upgrade the account.

  • fill in the phone number at which you would like customers to contact you.
  • fill in Your Name and Your Email Address fields.
  • enter a 4-Digit PIN Number.
  • select the 'Give me 100 FREE minutes a month' radio button.
  • enter the text from the box on the left.
  • check the 'Terms and Conditions' agreement box and select the Sign Me Up! button.
  • Note: once you click the Sign Me Up! button a telephone call will be placed to the telephone number you provided to validate the sign up. You'll be asked for the 4-digit PIN Number in order to activate your account .

Once you confirm your PIN Number, you're ready to set up the service on your site.

2. Go to your site and select the place where you want to add the link to the 'Click-to-Call' service. Try to choose a visible spot (you should display it on more than one page for best results) on the main page or in the header of your site. You will need to simply link some text or an image to your unique 'Click-to-Call' address, which looks like this:
where '5551231234' is the phone number you used during the sign up.

You can, for instance, insert the image below as a Click-to-Call button:

Just right-click on it and select 'Copy Image Location'. Then go to the Text and Image Editor, click the image icon in the top menu, paste the link (Ctrl+V) in the URL tab and click Set URL:

3. Select the image, go to Link dropdown menu and choose 'External link'. In the External link input field that appears to the right insert the link ''. Don't forget to replace '5551231234' with your phone number. When ready, click Set.

4.  Then click the Update button and review how the Click-to-Call image will appear on your page:

5. When a visitor clicks on the link, a new window will pop-up and he'll be prompted to insert his phone number in order to connect with you. We recommend you make one test call from a number other than the one you provided.

Once the user clicks the Click-to-Call button the system connects the call by dialing their number and yours.