Display RSS feeds on your web site with Feed Informer


If you want to display the headlines of your favorite news portal on your site, or show the newest postings from a forum or blog on your site, you may achieve this in a few easy steps.


1. Get the RSS feed URL of your forum/blog. The RSS link is usually located at the top or bottom of the forum or blog.


2. Convert the RSS feed to JavaScript code. There are a number of free RSS to JavaScript tools available online which you can use: Feed Informer, RSS to JavaScript, Feed Sweep, Feed2JS, etc. 

We'll convert one RSS feed to JavaScript with Feed Informer below:

A. Paste your RSS feed URL (step 1) into the Feed URL field:



B. If you don't have an account with Feed Informer yet, create one.



C. In Feed Informer panel select Digest Settings and specify the following:

  • Digest Name - the name of the digest that should be descriptive and topic related
  • Order Items By - defines the options for ordering the items in the digest
  • Timezone - specifies the output times in the digest
  • Max Items to Show - limits the maximum number of items that will be shown in the digest.
  • Output Encoding - converts the digest entries to the selected encoding
  • Language - affects the names of weekdays and months
  • Search Query - if you want to limit the digest to displaying only items showing a certain word, insert the word in this field
  • Show Only Live Items - keep this option checked if you don't want to display archived items
  • Dupe Filter - filters the duplicated entries by title, URL and source field


Once ready, click Save Changes button.
D. Select the next step Digest Design and pick up one from the three categories - Pictures, Flash and HTML - to choose the design for your RSS digest and the content to be displayed from each post. Click Save Changes button.



E. Go to Publish Digest and make sure you've selected 'JavaScript' format. Copy the inclusion code.


If you want to add more feeds to the digest click Digest Sources and paste the URL of the second digest in Add new feed to this digest field.

    3. Once you have converted your RSS feed to JavaScript you'll need to paste the code within an HTML Snippet on your site:

    4. Your RSS feed will appear like this (we selected the Minimalist template from the HTML tab in Digest Design step):

    Please note that sometimes there could be delay of up to several hours until the latest headlines or postings appear on your page.