If you would like your end-users to be able to view images in closer detail, you can integrate the Image Zoom application in just a few simple steps.

Once installed, the Image Zoom application automatically applies to all images on the site that have been applied in the Text and Image Editor. For images that are scaled down in the Text and Image editor, the smaller version of the image will be displayed as the on page element, and when clicked a dynamic large version of the full-sized image will overlay the page.

NOTE: Images that are not scaled down will still overlay the page in the same dimensions as the on page version. To disable the Image Zoom effect for such images, click the Reset button in the General Settings column of the Text and Image Editor.

Install the application

To get started, click on Control Panel > Applications, and install the Image Zoom application for your account.

Prepare the image

For each image that will have a zoom version:

  • Resize the image to a smaller (thumbnail) size through the image settings panel. Preserve the aspect ration by clicking on the padlock icon () prior to resizing.

To experience the Image Zoom effect, click on the image below


  • This application does not install in any menus, but, once installed, automatically works on all pages of your site.
  • If the Page Layout has more than one column, this application will work only in the first column of the website.
  • For images that are set as Links, you still must disable the Image Zoom effect. To do this, click on the Image, and then click the Reset button in the General Settings column of the Text and Image Editor.